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A recording collaboration with the composer Silvia Borzelli

Permutations and juxtapositions

of small and large self-propelled surfaces,

small and large clashes and fluctuations.

Visions of emergency, visions of drifting. Keeping afloat.

In the roadstead or almost in the open sea. (Silvia Borzelli)


The composer Silvia Borzelli ©Sivia Borzelli

recording Zattere_edited.jpg
Vittoria Quartararo during the recording of Borzelli´s piece Zattere ©Yaroslav Likhachev

How close are the worlds of acoustic and synthetic sounds? 

While working on Silvia Borzelli’s piece Zattere (2013), I discovered the pleasure of getting lost in its complex bonds between piano and electronics.

The intricate grid of rhythms, which first seemed to my eyes edgy and mathematical, started very soon to reveal a fun and crisp side.

An irresistible groove develops through the composition, with cuts-off and suspended pauses as resonance-enhancers.


As the first piano solo part reaches high tension, the electronics make their entrance. After, it is clear: not a dialogue occurring between piano and soundtracks, but rather a constant provocation calling for more and more reactions. 



©Vittoria Quartararo 2021

Silvia Borzelli, composer
Vittoria Quartararo, piano
Benjamin Marschner, audio recording & editing
Carmen Lucía Rivadeneira, video recording & editing

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