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An online audio-visual project developed during the pandemic lockdown, based on the piano piece Résonances (1964) by Henri Dutilleux. 

Vittoria Quartararo, piano

Viktoriia Sviatiuk. video art

2021. Paris-Cologne


A recording collaboration with the composer Silvia Borzelli on her piece Zattere (2013) for piano and soundtracks.

Silvia Borzelli, composer

Vittoria Quartararo, piano

Benjamin Marschner, audio & editing

Carmen Lucía Rivadeneira, video & editing

2021, Cologne


Igor Stravinsky's original version for piano four hands of the ballet "Petrushka" (1911). 

Vittoria Quartararo & Aude St-Pierre, piano

Recorded as part of the Festival "Claviernacht" 2016, HfMT Köln.

Robert Schumann, Piano Sonata Op.14 n.3 

Live-recording of Schumann´s Piano Sonata in F minor "Concert sans Orchestre". 

Vittoria Quartararo, piano

2016, Kammermusiksaal, HfMT Köln


Tchaikovsky´s Barcarolle JUNE from „The Seasons“ op. 37a, Nr. 6, in the version for violin and piano.

Piano: Vittoria Quartararo

Violin and Arrangement: Katerina Chatzinikolau 

2021, Abtei 6 Marienmünster

Golden Trash

Trailer of the dance show "Golden Trash" (2013) with live music for cello and piano by Morton Feldman (Patterns in a Chromatic Field).

Vittoria Quartararo, piano
Ruben Palma, cello
MichaelDouglas Kollektiv, dance
Georg Reischl, choreography

Rêves, Mensonges et Mirages

Trailer of the concert "Rêves, Mensonges et Mirages" (2019) a musical project inspired by the poetic production of Antonin Artaud. Music by Antonio Covello (1985*).

Neumond Ensemble:

Manon Blanc-Delsalle, mezzo

Evgenios Anastasiadis, flute

Till Merlin Müller, clarinet

Andria Chang, violin

Elio Manuel Herrera, cello

Vittoria Quartararo, piano


Video of the piece LEGERDEMAIN for piano and quad-soundtrack (2005) by Y. Kyriakides.


Yannis Kyriakides, composer

Vittoria Quartararo, piano

Benjamin Marschner, audio & editing

Katharina Huber, video & editing

2022, Kunst Station Sankt-Peter, Cologne

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