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An online audio-visual project developed during the pandemic lockdown, based on the piano piece Résonances (1964) by Henri Dutilleux. 

Vittoria Quartararo, piano

Viktoriia Sviatiuk. video art

2021. Paris-Cologne


A recording collaboration with the composer Silvia Borzelli on her piece Zattere (2013) for piano and soundtracks.

Silvia Borzelli, composer

Vittoria Quartararo, piano

Benjamin Marschner, audio & editing

Carmen Lucía Rivadeneira, video & editing

2021, Cologne


Dutilleux Complete Music for Piano Solo 

Reflections on Lightness: an audiovisual concert in collaboration with three visual artists. Music by Debussy and contemporary authors. 

Vittoria Quartararo, piano and concept

Katharina Huber, Anna Lytton and Viktoriia Sviatiuk. visual art

Carmen Lucía Rivadeneira, video documentation

2022, Germany 

Trailer for the CD release (PIANO CLASSICS/Brilliant Classics 2021) with music by Henri Dutilleux (1916-2013). 

Vittoria Quartararo, piano

Ingo Schmidt-Lucas, recording.

Carmen Lucía Rivadeneira, video & editing

2021, Meinerzhagen Stadthalle, Germany.

Rêves, Mensonges et Mirages

Trailer of the concert "Rêves, Mensonges et Mirages" (2019) a musical project inspired by the poetic production of Antonin Artaud. Music by Antonio Covello (1985*).

Neumond Ensemble:

Manon Blanc-Delsalle, mezzo

Evgenios Anastasiadis, flute

Till Merlin Müller, clarinet

Andria Chang, violin

Elio Manuel Herrera, cello

Vittoria Quartararo, piano


Video of the piece LEGERDEMAIN for piano and quad-soundtrack (2005) by Y. Kyriakides.


Yannis Kyriakides, composer

Vittoria Quartararo, piano

Benjamin Marschner, audio & editing

Katharina Huber, video & editing

2022, Kunst Station Sankt-Peter, Cologne


Igor Stravinsky's original version for piano four hands of the ballet "Petrushka" (1911). 

Vittoria Quartararo & Aude St-Pierre, piano

Recorded as part of the Festival "Claviernacht" 2016, HfMT Köln.

Robert Schumann, Piano Sonata Op.14 n.3 

Live-recording of Schumann´s Piano Sonata in F minor "Concert sans Orchestre". 

Vittoria Quartararo, piano

2016, Kammermusiksaal, HfMT Köln


Tchaikovsky´s Barcarolle JUNE from „The Seasons“ op. 37a, Nr. 6, in the version for violin and piano.

Piano: Vittoria Quartararo

Violin, Production and Arrangement: Katerina Chatzinikolau 

2021, Abtei 6 Marienmünster

Golden Trash

Trailer of the dance show "Golden Trash" (2013) with live music for cello and piano by Morton Feldman (Patterns in a Chromatic Field).

Vittoria Quartararo, piano
Ruben Palma, cello
MichaelDouglas Kollektiv, dance
Georg Reischl, choreography

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