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Vittoria Quartararo is a versatile pianist whose repertoire encompasses a broad spectrum of musical works, from classical gems to contemporary discoveries. 

She is particularly interested in collaborating with living composers and artists to create new concert formats and interdisciplinary projects involving video, light, movement, and texts.


Her focus is to explore the many bridges between the various artistic fields based on shared concepts and areas of research. Her anchor is to connect and work together, finding a way  to intertwine each collaborator’s experiences, towards a collective artistic vision.

Since a very young age, chamber music has represented the core of her musicianship.

Her inspiration as an interpreter and a performer is interacting with others, resonating as sound does.

“Music is about participation, to me. The very act of listening requires an active attitude and a keen awareness. It’s like observing a tree or a leaf, at once perceiving the world around and inside us. When I play, I invite my audience to resonate together.”


Pianist Vittoria Quartararo studied in Florence (Scuola di Musica di Fiesole)

and Cologne (Hochschule für Musik und Tanz), specialising in classical, contemporary, and chamber music.

Vittoria plays intensively in Europe in solo and collective project frames, constantly shifting between the rituals of classical concerts and more experimental forms of performance,

The experience of a residency programme in 2019 at the “Cité internationale des arts” in Paris significantly impacted her development, thanks to the close contact with other resident artists from all over the world. Since then, she has perceived her work much more as a broader artistic practice and research through music and beyond.

Encounters and collaborations with artists such as theater director Vendula Nováková, choreographer Georg Reischl, dancers of Michael Douglas Kollektiv, visual artists Viktoriia Sviatiuk, Anna Lytton, and Katharina Huber were decisive in identifying the multidisciplinary cross-over filed as her current primary interest.





She premiered and recorded several works by living composers and recorded her first solo album CD for the Label Brilliant Classics/PIANO CLASSICS dedicated to the complete piano music of Henri Dutilleux (1916-2013).

Her engagement with the contemporary music scene led her toward the broad discipline of post-dramatic music theater. She is a member of Ensemble I Transiti, whose main focus is creating scenic concerts where musical and theatrical elements establish a direct dialogue with the public and the present time and space.

She is also involved in various cultural policy initiatives such as KIM (Kölner Initiative Musiktheater) and the German Network of Music Theater (Netzwerk Freies Musiktheater) to improve working conditions in the independent art scene.


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