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Transculturalism and contemporary music for the creation of staged concerts

I Transiti is an ensemble for contemporary music theater

Its aim is to create new experiences through staged performances, focusing on established contemporary and newly commissioned works. Through collaboration with various artists, complete organic works are created where the music and the acting complement each other.


At each stage of the work, one ensemble member takes the artistic direction, significantly shaping each show-work.

The resulting works are then rehearsed together with artists from other disciplines (dance, drama, visual arts) to create a piece that is as harmonious as possible.

i transiti (4).JPG
Photo shooting for the show Spiel?1? (2021) ©Yaroslav Likhachev

If music has the power to explore human cultures, how can their clashes and agreements be expressed in concert? 

I Transiti has its roots founded in the belief that each cultural identity must be searched for in its becoming, like any human life in a constantly changing process and transition. 

Often used and abused as an obstacle in politics, the idea of “migration” works instead as a source and metaphor for the ritual of the concert, where exchanging views and different experiences through the invisible and the immaterial are the nature of musical performance.


Since clarinet, trombone, and piano are very different instruments, the artistic challenges proposed are even more significant. These challenges develop from the music field to the anthropological one: through the diverse backgrounds of the musicians, American, Japanese, and Italian, respectively, the music proposed in concert by I Transiti is even more colorful – yet surprisingly coherent.


Blake Weston, Clarinet

Yoshiki Matsuura, Trombone

Vittoria Quartararo, Piano

Yoshiki Matsuura, Blake Weston, Vittoria Quartararo. ©Yaroslav Likhachev

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