Voice, saxophone and piano.

One rarely hears this instrumentation, which can sound not only new and exciting, but also well balanced, refreshing and melodiously fascinating.

Manon Blanc-Delsalle, Mari Ángeles del Valle Casado and Vittoria Quartararo, have already played together during their studies of New Music in Cologne (Hochschule für Musik und Tanz Köln). All three of them feel at home in all musical styles, although they frequently favour contemporary, experimental works. Odelya Kollektiv presents itself as a fluid project that shifts from duo to trio and larger formations, often inviting other musicians and artists for different collaborations. In addition, their own arrangements of works originally written for flute, clarinet or viola are given a new colour by the instrumentation with saxophone. Whether famous songs and opera arias, works of the Avant-garde or newly written compositions, the ensemble enchants its audience with sound, virtuosity and artistic presence.

The name Odelya refers to a feminine ideal of strength and to an ode that encourages and comforts the spirit.

Monon Blanc-Delsalle, mezzosopran

Mari Ángeles del Valle Casado, saxophone

Vittoria Quartararo, piano