N e u m o n d  Ensemble

The Neumond Ensemble is a modern chamber music group of six young creative musicians from many different countries: Italy, USA, Venezuela, Greece, Germany and France. Having met at the Hochschule für Musik und Tanz in Cologne, they began playing together in the summer of 2017 during the contemporary music masterclass “Echoes from Montepulciano” under the guidance of pianist Florence Millet and composer Johannes Schöllhorn.  

Vittoria Quartararo (piano), Andria Chang (violin), Elio Herrera (cello), Evgenios Anastasiadis (flute), Till Müller (clarinet) and Manon Blanc-Delsalle (mezzo soprano) create since then unique projects together, often embracing theatrical aspects in their performances. Their ensemble name highlights their special interest for the character Pierrot, as well as for contemporary music and a new beginning of chamber music performances.


The sextet continued their work with Johannes Schöllhorn by recording his modern arrangement of Max Kowalsky’s Pierrot lunaire (available to listen on Echospore). This arrangement contrasts the famous Pierrot lunaire by Arnold Schönberg; it presents itself as a masterpiece in the pastiche-genre, where echoes of atonal sonority, jazz rhythms and quotes from Maurice Ravel’s Habanera and cabaret themes are merged.

The flexible and unique instrumental combination brought the ensemble to explore the field of modern and contemporary music, choosing unconventional music programs where the different nature of their instruments is blended or contrasted, making a myriad of timbre possibilities.  The ensemble frequently collaborates intimately with contemporary composers, whose works they regularly premiere.

The underlying aim of Neumond Ensemble is to show the unknown faces of music and the absurd aspect of contradiction between classical and experimental, dramatic and comical, instrument and instrumentalist. These categories cannot be analyzed but rather shown through a paradox, which brings the musicians ideally closer to the image of Pierrot: a gloomy, sensitive, sweet but also lunatic, skeptical and sometimes violent human being, which embodies the contradictory and complex nature of every individuum.

The multiple possibilities of performance are open and equally significant if the final artistic goal is held, which is to surprise and be surprised in every musical event, eliminating the many barriers between performer and audience, person and society, past and present.

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