I Transiti

Blake Weston :: Yoshiki Matsuura :: Vittoria Quartararo

If music has the power to explore human cultures, how can their clashes and agreements be expressed in concert?

The ensemble I Transiti [Blake Weston (Clarinet), Yoshiki Matsuura (Trombone), Vittoria Quartararo (Piano)] has its roots founded in the belief that each cultural identity must be searched for in its “becoming” rather than in its past, like any human life in a constant changing process and transition. While in politics it is used and abused as an obstacle, the idea of “migration” works instead perfectly fine as source and metaphor for the ritual of the concert, where ex-changing views and different experiences through the invisible and immaterial is the nature of music.

Since clarinet, trombone and piano are already very different instruments, the artistic challenge proposed is even greater and develops from the music field to the anthropological one: through the different backgrounds of the musicians, American, Japanese and Italian respectively, the music proposed in concert by I Transiti is even more colorful – yet surprisingly coherent.